Partisia is a privately owned company registered in Denmark. The ownership combines internationally renowned researchers and experts in advanced cryptography, business economics and software development as well as experiences in taking research ideas to the market. The combination of competences makes Partisia able to timely deliver solutions that are rock solid as well as highly innovative.

As pioneer, Partisia has sold commercial-grade MPC software solutions since 2008. Initially Partisia focused on secure auctions for commodities like production contracts, energy related products and high-stake auctions used for selling spectrum licenses. Since the initial commercial use, the MPC technology has matured significantly and become more agile and not least a million times faster, which has gradually turned MPC into a generic infrastructure for privacy-preserving computations. In parallel to this development, Partisia has developed infrastructure for managing encryption keys and generic infrastructure for secure computation, as well as various applications across platforms from cloud computing to blockchain technologies.

As part of the commercialisation strategy, selected businesses have been moved and matured in separate spinouts together with investors and other business partners, i.e. Sepior.com (threshold cryptography like cryptographic key management), Partisia Applications (MPC applications) and Partisia Infrastructure (MPC infrastructure including blockchains). Today the Partisia initiatives have been consolidated into two teams:

PARTISIA team combining infrastructure through Partisia Infrastructure, and applications through Partisia Applications.

SEPIOR team focusing on threshold cryptography and applications like key management.

Photograph of our main office building.


Partisia is a commercial spin-off from internationally ground-breaking research projects.

Partisia was established in 2008 as a commercial spin-off from two research projects: Secure Computation, Economy and Trust starting in 2004 and Secure Information Management and Processing (SIMAP) starting in 2006. Both projects were funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research.

Theoreticals Ideals meet Practical Implementation
The tools provided by secure multiparty computation provide perfect ways to implement basic economic ideals.

The Economic Perspective
The so-called revelation principle has become a cornerstone in economics. The principle states that it is at least as good as any economic mechanism to rely on direct revelation where the parties involved tell the truth to an impartial mediator or social planner that use the revealed information in the best interest of the parties. Implementing such a planner in a secure and trustworthy way has always been a challenge.

The cryptographic perspective
In theoretic cryptography the research topic secure multiparty computation (MPC) has for many years been motivated by reference to practical problems where a so-called trusted third party is required. This is because MPC exactly realizes a trusted third party in a provably secure way. So, while the trusted social planner has been a common construct in economics for decades, the modelling of such an ideal trusted social planner has likewise been a challenge in computer science for decades. Via a dedicated focus on applications, the research projects mentioned above have resulted in the first large-scale application of secure multiparty computation.



Our brand “PARTISIA” is a contraction of the three Latin words PARTIo, fiduS, fiducIA.

To us, Partisia means “Distributed Trust” a common expression in the related literature. Although it may seem surprising that distributed trust can be more trustworthy, this is in fact the case.

Our aim is to set a new standard for privacy enhancing software solutions.

Our Vision

To set a new standard for secure software solutions based on confidential information from multiple participants across all platforms from cloud computing to blockchains.

Our Strategy

To focus on our innovating software to addresses cloud security and confidentiality in collaborative solutions.

To develop software solutions in close collaboration with partners with the detailed knowledge of the individual businesses.

To collaborate with business partners and investors in achieving our goals.