Kurt Nielsen, PhD
Chief Executive Officer, Partner

Kurt combines Economics and Information Management in developing innovative it-services and businesses. He hold a PhD in Business Economics and did combined graduate studies at the University of Copenhagen, University of Toronto and UC Berkeley. He co-founded Partisia, and Sepior,  and functions as CEO of Partisia along side a parttime position as Associate Professor at University of Copenhagen.

Peter F. Frandsen
Chief Technology Officer, Partner

Peter has 20 years of experience in the software development industry where he worked as a developer and a manager of both projects and people in Danish companies such as Vestas, Dansk Supermarked and Rambøll Management Consulting. Since 2017 he has worked with developing solutions based on advanced cryptographic technology in Partisia and Secata making ZK computations feasible in real world scenarios. He also serves as an external examiner for the computer sciences in Denmark.

Jakob Illeborg Pagter, PhD
ChIef Technology Officer Sepior, Partner

Jakob works on creating innovative security solutions based on applied cryptography. He was formerly the head of the Security Lab at Danish research institute Alexandra Instituttet and is the co-founder of Partisia and Sepior. Jakob holds a PhD in computer science from Aarhus University and is a member of the Danish Council for IT Security as well as being part of the committee for it security at the Confederation of Danish Industry.

Ivan Damgård, Professor
Chief Cryptographer, Partner

Ivan is professor and head of the research group in cryptography at Aarhus University. Ivan is co-founder of Cryptomathic, Partisia and Sepior. He is one of the top cited and publishing researchers in cryptography, is a fellow of the IACR (International Association for Cryptologic Research), and received the 2015 RSA Award for Excellence in the Field of Mathematics.

Chief cryptographic system designeR, Partner

Jesper is Professor in Computer Science at Aarhus University and also one of the co-founders of Partisia and Sepior. He is one of the top cited and publishing researchers in secure multiparty computation. Jesper’s primary research areas are secure multiparty computation, distributed consensus, and universal composability.

CLAUDIO ORLANDI, Associate Professor
Chief cryptographic protocol designer, Partner

Claudio is Associate Professor in Computer Science at Aarhus University  and co-founder of Partisia Infrastructure. He is a leading researcher on secure multiparty computation and zero-knowledge protocols. Claudio has a broad interest in the theory and practice of cryptographic protocols, with a focus on efficient constructions of advanced cryptographic primitives, threshold cryptography, privacy-preserving technologies, theory and practice of cryptographic protocols.

PETER BOGETOFT, Professor, Dr. Merc.
Chief Economist, Partner

Peter is professor in Management Science and Micro Economics at Copenhagen Business School. He has extensive experience within consultancy from numerous projects within European and US industries and governments on incentives, contracting, regulation, auctions and benchmarking.

Principial Engineer, Partner

Primary software developer within advanced cryptography and zero knowledge. Emil has engineered all of the recent protocols developed in Partisia including the MACE protocol as well as the core of the privacy blockchain infrastructure.

Senior Software Developer

Experienced Senior Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Esbens experience and capabilities have been fundamental in Parrtisia’s solutions where he ensures both visual and technical quality. Esben has worked in all parts of the software stack all the way from protocol implementation to user interface implementation.

Senior Software Developer

Passionate software developer with a broad experience. He has great analytical skills and will come up with a simple and solid solutions to complex problems. Jesenko contributes to eagerly to technical projects and works in a plethora of languages, including rust, the latter is used for implementing performance critical applications.

Jesenko has implemented network stacks in java, spdz lowgear in Rust and type script Mace frontend.

Senior Software Developer

Software developer focusing on developing solutions based on cryptographic protocols and techniques. Martin has implemented both zero knowledge proofs as well as other protocols, with a strong interest in exploring the inner workings and usages of MPC, he has worked in all relevant fields. Martin is a core developer on Partisia Blockchain.

Cryptographic engineer

Software developer with extensive experience implementing fast secure multiparty protocols focusing on machine learning. Anders holds a PhD in cryptography from Aarhus University where the research focus was efficient and practical solutions that utilize secure multiparty computation protocols for machine learning tasks.