Better Data Solutions

MPC and Blockchain Technologies Foster Better Data Solutions

Having and sharing confidential data currently requires great care and is normally conducted through a trusted third party such as a consultancy house or a public organisation, which is costly both in time and money.

MPC based data solutions provides a trustworthy alternative that does not rely on trust in any single organisation or person. The data is encrypted – sealed – before it enter into a distributed database and used encrypted in the computations. Even the results of these computations arrive in encrypted form to the client.

This means that the original data is no longer available anywhere in the system, which greatly simplifies data collaborations.

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Partisia Data Solutions

Insights Network

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Unique Infrastructure

Blockchain Based Data Broker

The unique infrastructure behind the blockchain based data broker – Insights Network – has been operational since 2018. The combination of blockchain and Secure Multiparty Computation replaces the traditional data broker and brings data under the control of the users. The Partisia team has worked closely together with Insights Network to fully realise the power of a decentralised data broker service.

Partisia Data Solutions

DFG Platform

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System Representing Citizens

The DFG Platform is a citizen-centric system that both facilitates decentralized control of personal data and orchestrate privacy-preserving use of personal data. Hereby the DFG platform serves two primary customer groups 1) Citizens who control the use of data and 2) Analysts who request the use of data. The DFG Platform is governed by the non-profit foundation Data For Good Foundation with a locked purpose on representing the Citizens.

Partisia Data Solutions

Virtual Public Registers

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Independent Public Registers

Encrypted Data/Script

The Partisia team has developed a Virtual Public Register in close collaboration with Statistics Denmark. The software solution is a platform operated across the independent public registers, that each run a node in a MPC solution. Data across the different registers is virtually combined and made available for analysts. A third party analyst can bring its own encrypted data and script analysis that are computed confidentially on the virtually combined data. The platform has be tested within the perimeter of Statistics Denmark and will be used in production for healthcare analysis within the project HedaX funded by The Innovation Fund Denmark.

Partisia Data Solutions


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Encrypted Data Cross

Platform Collection

Sensitive data from individuals are collected across the world through surveys. These data range from touchpoint satisfaction to very sensitive data about psychological wellbeing or membership of unions. Collecting and working with encrypted data through MPC guarantees the privacy of the individuals and keeping their sensitive data confidential. Partisia has done a number of solutions on this, the latest being deployed in the Summer of 2020.

Partisia Data Solutions

Fraud Detection

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Financial fraud detection

Confidential revelation of fraud patterns

Financial fraud is an increasing problem that globally costs trillions of dollars and fuel organized crime from drug dealing to human trafficking. Fighting financial fraud requires more collaboration across competing banks, legal and geographical boundaries.

There are a number of initiatives around the globe trying to facilitate the broader collaboration required to address financial fraud, though information sharing remains a central issue.

Partisia has developed a concept and demonstration software that shows how secure multiparty computation can address financial fraud.