Want to build the future infrastructure for confidential use of data?

Want to build the future infrastructure for confidential use of data?

We are building applications and infrastructure for working with confidential data using MPC and blockchain.

This includes several applications where we allow confidential analysis on private data to be built in a virtual data lake as well as market solutions utilizing private data to find  market prices.

We are extending our platform to allow seamless scalability by way of sharding the underlying data structure and flow. This work is done in close collaboration with world-leading experts and partners.

Working for us

You will work on our platform for collecting, exchanging and computing confidentially with data. The data processing includes everything from simple statistics to advance matching and machine learning. The backend part of our software stack is almost always distributed and has a core MPC component.

We need developers that can work on both frontend and backend in our software stack. You will be working in this stack with the rest of the team and together we will build complete cutting edge solutions for working confidentially with data.

Our platform is currently deployed in different scenarios

  • Auction – market matchings using confidential price indicator and only revealing the orders that are matched
  • Survey – collecting and storing confidential data only exposed through anonymized aggregation
  • Data exchange – we are creating a platform for using personal data in confidential computation where each person’s data is never revealed and only used when protected by rigorous privacy rules

In some cases we supply the infrastructure, in other cases we build the entire application. In the former case we work diligently on designing good APIs, in the latter we build the user interface in close collaboration with the customer.

We are a dedicated team delivering high quality solutions and are ambitious in our work. We check our code (with CI and review) before it is released. We jointly define the architecture and plan the projects. You will be an integrated part of our development team and you will work on extending the platform for our projects as well as tailored development when creating the application.

About you

We are looking for candidates with a computer science degree – with a preference in one or more of the following areas

  • MPC
  • Cryptography and security in general
  • >Distributed systems
  • Machine learning
  • Algebra
  • Language design
  • Software architecture

We work with a core set of technologies: Java, Rust & Typescript.

We work from our office just next to computer science in Aarhus, we expect you to be there each day in the beginning in order to integrate you into the team.

About us

You will work in Partisia applications, a part of the Partisia group. We have worked with commercial use of MPC for more than 10 years. We work together with partners and customers all over the world ranging from Tokyo to the US. We have a close relationship with both the scientists in Partisia, Alexandra institute as well as the computer science department in Aarhus.

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