DevOps for Partisia Blockchain

Will you streamline our blockchain execution?

At Partisia, we are about to launch our blockchain-based infrastructure for the execution of Multi-Party Computation (MPC) – a platform used to deploy smart contracts with private data. Now is the chance to join the core team and define the execution structure for blockchain.

About the job

Together with the rest of the team you will build and run cutting-edge solutions for confidential data. You will define the inner workings of our blockchain from the docker configuration through our network layer and how we manage memory as well as storage.

We have built our platform primarily in java. this is run on our linux servers – we intend to (re)implement the core parts of the platform in rust, we currently configure our deployment via ansible, we expect you to modernize this.

You will be responsible for our deployment, how we configure and run our services. We have services established on top of our own platform – understanding and streamlining these as well as establishing the infrastructure and providing tooling for the solutions we deliver will be the core of your work.

Through your work on core components, you will play a key role in the launch of our blockchain, as you design the core parts as well as how they interact and run.

Working for us

We are a young, enthusiastic and ambitious organization, delivering high quality solutions. To us, quality is more important than speed. Our platform must endure the test of time. This is what we strive for, while keeping the technical dept at a minimum.

We check our code (with CI and review) before releasing it. Our dependencies are updated on a regular basis. We continuously evolve our tooling and platform. In our projects, we jointly define the architecture and plan.

Our platform is currently deployed in different scenarios, including:

  • Auction – market matchings using a confidential price indicator and only revealing the orders that are matched
  • Survey – collecting and storing confidential data, only exposed through anonymized aggregation
  • Data exchange – using personal data in confidential computation, where each person’s data is never revealed and only used when protected by rigorous privacy rules

In some cases, we supply the infrastructure, in other cases we build, run and service the entire application; you will be part of our infrastructure team.

About you

We are looking for candidates with a degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering – with a specialization in one or more of the following areas:

  • Cryptography
  • Distributed systems
  • Security
  • MPC
  • Machine learning
  • Algebra
  • Language design
  • Software architecture

We work with a core set of technologies: Java, Rust & Typescript.

Our office is just next door to the Computer Science Department in Aarhus. In the beginning, we expect you to be at the office – this will help you to quickly become an established part of the team. We support working from home, and over time you will gain a high degree of flexibility in planning your work.

Partisia Group

You will work in the Partisia Group. We have worked with commercial use of MPC for more than 10 years, with partners and customers all over the world ranging from Japan to the US. We have a close relationship with the scientists in Partisia, the Alexandra Institute, the Computer Science Department in Aarhus, as well as the ecosystem around the newly established Partisia Blockchain Foundation.


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Software developer

Software developer

Date: 2020-11-17

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