Programming language expert for Partisia Blockchain

Would you like to define the language of next generation smart contracts?

At Partisia we are creating a language for defining and running Multi-Party Computation (MPC). This language will be the core programming language for execution code on our blockchain based platform. Now is the chance to join the core team and define this language.

About the job

We are establishing a team, which will build a new smart contract language for our blockchain for the next couple of years. As a fundamental part of this team you will be tasked with specifying, defining and implementing the language that will be the smart contract developer’s primary way of interacting with our platform. You will be developing the compiler and work with optimizing the flow of execution to maximizae the performance of our MPC.

Blockchains are distributed execution platforms where you trust the code and not each individual computer. This setting brings a number of requirements shared with other blockchains, however our unique fusion of different technologies adds its own set of requirements – all of which lay the foundation from which the language will evolve.

Multi-party computation has a very different set of cost parameters than regular computations, therefore the most important design aspect of this language is to enable and utilize as many optimizations for this type of computations as possible.

We intend to create a domain specific language and provide an intermediate language to be executed in classical public transactions as well as transactions involving private data, the latter entails computation-specific optimization.

Current plans involve the intermediate language to be executable as Web Assembly (Wasm), however it is only natural that you participate in this and many other decisions about the language and execution platform. You will be a core part of our team responsible for this new language, we expect you to spearhead the design of the language, the type system as well as the compiler, tooling and the execution optimizations.

About you

You have been part of developing and designing languages before, you are an expert in compiler technology, programming language design.

Our office is just next door to the Computer Science Department in Aarhus. In the beginning, we expect you to be at the office – this will help you to quickly become an established part of the team. We support working from home, and over time you will gain a high degree of flexibility in planning your work.

Working for us

We are a young, enthusiastic and ambitious organization, delivering high quality solutions. To us, quality is more important than speed. Our platform must endure the test of time. This is what we strive for, while keeping the technical dept at a minimum.

We check our code (with CI and review) before releasing it. Our dependencies are updated on a regular basis. We continuously evolve our tooling and platform. In our projects, we jointly define the architecture and plan. We have built our platform primarily in Java and deployed it using docker. We intend to (re)implement the core parts of the platform in Rust.

Our platform is currently deployed in different scenarios, including:

  • Auction – market matchings using a confidential price indicator and only revealing the orders that are matched
  • Survey – collecting and storing confidential data, only exposed through anonymized aggregation
  • Data exchange – using personal data in confidential computation, where each person’s data is never revealed and only used when protected by rigorous privacy rules

In some cases, we supply the infrastructure, in other cases we build, run and service the entire application; you will be part of our infrastructure team.

Partisia Group

You will work in the Partisia Group. We have worked with commercial use of MPC for more than 10 years, with partners and customers all over the world ranging from Japan to the US. We have a close relationship with the scientists in Partisia, the Alexandra Institute, the Computer Science Department in Aarhus, as well as the ecosystem around the newly established Partisia Blockchain Foundation.

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