MPC and Cloud

We ensure data is encrypted at every stage.

Cloud computing is probably one of the most disruptive changes in the IT industry. One reason is that cloud computing provides scalable IT-resources delivered “as a service”. Another reason is that cloud computing provides ideal availability across platforms and users.

However, while enterprises world-wide want to adopt cloud services to streamline and optimize their IT operations, they are held back by concerns about the security of their data when it is resident in systems or services beyond their control. This has been reaffirmed by many analysts see e.g. the Cloud Security Alliance’s or the Gartner Group’s reports on the matter.

Leaving the cloud is not necessarily the solution; while the cloud advantages provide the competitive edge, data breaches from on-premise it-systems is more and more common.

MPC provides a solution

MPC is a distributed it-infrastructure that fundamentally changes the cloud security problem. A MPC system consists of two or more servers (or cloud instances), in a way such that none of the individual servers can control nor access the data stored or computed in the MPC system. Hereby, the fundamental problem, of whom to trust, is greatly simplified by no single point of trust. In other words, a MPC system, based on cloud instances from independent cloud service providers, do not rely on trust in the individual cloud service providers.

Researchers and practitioners around the world, constantly improve the performance of this ideal infrastructure. The cryptography experts and developer team behind Partisia are at the forefront of this development, both in terms of developing the basic protocols as well as constructing commercial viable platforms that makes the basic protocols easy accessible and MPC applications across all industries.

The partisia solutions

The partisia MPC solutions may be divided into the following two groups:

  • Delegated computing, which focuses primarily on handling cloud security from the point of view of an individual person or organization.
  • Delegated trust, which is also about using MPC to construct a trustee – a trustworthy third party.

In either case, handling cloud security is an integrated part of the MPC cloud solutions.

Sepior Key Management is a prime example of ”delegated computing”. Sepior, uses MPC to create a pure cloud based solution for one of the most critical components in cloud security – generating and handling encryption keys, also called ”key management”. Sepior Key Management ensures an organization central control over encryption keys while making them easily accessible across platforms and users. Read more >>

Partisia’s auctions and statistical solutions are prime examples of ”delegated trust”. The MPC based auctions simply replaces the auctioneer by a distributed MPC system. Now the servers, which constitute the MPC system, is not just distributed across independent cloud service providers (to handle cloud security), the control of the different servers are also distributed among independent person or organizations. Hereby, the MPC system makes up ”a trustee function” that do not rely on any individual persons or organizations. Read more >>

Partisia offers a generic platform (The PBC Platform) that makes it simple to apply MPC and build provably secure MPC applications. The PBC platform was released in version 1.0 in August 2019 and simplify the setup and orchestration of MPC e.g. across multiple cloud service providers. The platform provides a unique balance between transparency and confidentiality and remove the barriers and costs involved in adapting MPC. Read more >>


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