Key Management to offer Key Management as-a-Service

Part of the Partisia team is developing a pure cloud solution for cryptographic key management in the spinout In close collaboration with a strong team of investors and experienced entrepreneurs, Sepior has raised approximately DKK 25 million in seed money from investors, a grant from the Danish market development fund and not least a SME instrument Phase 2 grant.
While strong encryption is a crucial component in solving cloud security, the problem of proper key management in the cloud remain. Existing solutions fall into three categories:

  • On premise hardware/software gateways, which are too expensive and inflexible for most companies – as well as defying the idea of moving your infrastructure to the cloud
  • Trust a single third party as encryption gateways, which does not remove the problem of having to trust in a third party cloud provider
  • Keys based on password, which do not offer any real protection due to the low entropy of passwords

Sepior offers an ideal solution in the form of a purely cloud based key management solution using proper encryption keys that does not rely on trust in any third party nor does it require any on-premise hardware or software as encryption gateway.

Initially Sepior will focus on cloud-based filesharing, by building an enterprise-grade add-on to Dropbox. This allows for easy and secure handling of the cryptographic keys needed to secure the use of a cloud storage solution like Dropbox.

In Partisia, the key management solution will be integrated with our collaborative systems as a secure, simple and efficient way to manage encryption keys across platforms, computers and users. As an example, in our auction solutions where a legal entity submit encrypted bids, the key management solution can be used to give the legal entity full and flexible control to assign rights to submit or to monitor bids among its employees.