Procurement Auctions

Partisia Procurement Auctions minimize the cost of procuring commodities and services and limits collusion effectively

With transparent price setting, well-designed procurement auctions can improve the supply chain management in most organizations. Procurement auctions used separately or in combination with negotiations, minimize the cost of procuring the desired commodity or service.Simple auctions that focus on enhancing price competition may be used in combination with negotiations. As examples, an initial price auction may select the parties for intermediate negotiations, and a final price auction may ensure an efficient price settlement with the negotiated product or service characteristics.

In many cases procurement auctions require some level of sealed bidding and with that a third party trusted by all parties. Reasons for having entirely or partly sealed bids are many – safeguarding the participants’ private information and preventing collusion are two important reasons.

Power Procurement developed for the Partisia spinout “” is a prime example. Read more >>