R&D Projects


Purpose: Research in the foundation of electronic markets.

Grant:  DKK 26,5 millions from the Danish Strategic Research Council.

Total budget: DKK 50 millions.

Period: 2010-2016.

Participants: 5 university partners and 7 industry partners.

Partisia’s role: Supporting the development of prototypes (no funding).

Link: www.cfem.dk



Purpose: R&D in SMC based cloud security.

Grant: DKK 56,5 millions from the EU FP7.

Total budget: DKK 78 millions.

Period: 2013-2016.

Participants: 10 university partners and 7 industry partners.

Partisia’s role: Funding to develop prototypes within secure statistics.

Link: https://practice-project.eu


Big Data by Security

Purpose: Develop secure statistics prototypes based on SMC.

Grant:  DKK 7,6 millions from the Danish Industry Foundation.

Total budget: DKK 7,6 millions.

Period: 2015-2018.

Participants: 5 primary partners and 7 supporting partners.

Partisia’s role: Funding to develop prototypes.

Link: http://bigdatabysecurity.dk


KMaaS (Key Management as-a-Service)

Purpose: To make Sepior’s Key Management in to scalable solution and business.

Grant:  DKK 17 millions from H2020 SME instrument phase II.

Total budget: Minimum DKK 19 millions.

Period: 2016-2018.

Participants: Sepior + 3 pilot customers.

Partisia’s role: Funding as R&D partner and pilot customer.

Link: http://ec.europa.eu/easme/en/sme/6319/key-management-service